Earth Goddess

On saturday May 23rd 2015 Earth Goddess was erected in the backgarden of artist Rik van Rijswick. Rik is unique in his approach and sculpted Earth Goddess without outside help or finance. Earth Goddess is an ode to our beautiful planet and a call for awareness to see and respect the fragility and beauty of earth and to act accordingly.
Earth Goddess Poem

As I arise




From the center

Of the earth

I show myself

My light

My beauty

My enjoyment

And celebration of life


I call on

All lifeforms

Of this planet

To be careful

And gentle


The female energy

And to act accordingly

So that I can travel

Through the universe

On this spaceship

Called Earth.


Dragon is an image that represents our purity, honesty and subconcious. We’ve got to embrace our own dragons and experience the force that comes with it.
In 2008,
In 2008, Rik van Rijswick decided to act on his feelings and start a project that could be deemed foolish, but building a huge statue without an assignment felt good. It gave him the opportunity to let his own dragon come to life.
The whereabouts of Dragon
Dragon was bought by the municipality of Beesel, The Netherlands. Beesel calls itself the dragon town and celebrates this every seven years by hosting a dragonfestival. Rik’s Dragon reminds everyone within Beesel of this event all year round. Entering Beesel from Highway A73, the 12 meter tall Dragon on the roundabout is the first image you get when entering Beesel.
Dragon Poem
Is the raw,



The primal,

The honesty,

And the subconscious,

That manifests itself in us,

And comes out,



Like a fire beam.

The one who,

Is aware of this force,

Can experience,

The beauty and the love,

For the Dragon,

And derive,

Sheer power from it.

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior around the world.

Peaceful Warrior protects all that’s good. All around the world Peaceful Warriors are needed, who say no to the destruction of our climate, who say no to unjustice, who say no exploitation. Currently Rik and his team are working on a plan to actually send Peaceful Warrior around the world. If you are in need of a Warrior feel free to contact us through


Peaceful Warrior was acquired by the DRU industrial complex in Ulft (The Netherlands) and can also be found on its temporary location ‘Hoeve Borago’ Rijkel 34 in Beesel(The Netherlands) previously at the Maasboulevard in Venlo (The Netherlands)

Peaceful Warrior Poem

Fights for something new.


Something we all know,

Crawling under our skins.

Subconsiously we feel it.

Things have to change,

On this beautiful planet.

Let go!

Of old systems and thinkings,

Bring out the best in people,

Return to your own source.


Straight from the heart.

The Warrior sets the tone.

He says: Stop!

This far, and no further!

He fights for something bigger,

Spacious and loving,

Than just status,

Power and money.

What exactly that is,

Is probably hard to see yet.

But step by step,

Then it will work.


With the Peaceful Warrior

Guardians, Sentinels, Custodians and Warriors

Guardians, Sentinels, Custodians and Warriors

Towards the end of the nineties Rik van Rijswick showed his works in various exhibitions in galleries and art fairs. During the first period he recieved recognition through his Guardians, Sentinels, Custodians and Warriors. These sculptures came into existence through experiments with various materials and reflect the feelings of the artist at that moment in time. Guardians are heads with a powerful character. All with a different appearance and by using different materials. Guardians might represent the masks we all wear. A shield or armour to keep the world at bay, to protect or hide yourself.